XL Building

The BEAMS system has everything that is required to transform the average construction company into a professional systemised business.

As a Melbourne based construction business specialising in custom projects we had a lot of difficulty trying to find software that had all the features needed to run and grow our business efficiently. Our business trialled countless amounts of software trying to find a system that took care of everything involved in running a construction business but they all seemed to be lacking part of the construction process. This meant we had to use several bits of software and ultimately resulted in our business running inefficiently.
BEAMS however, has taken everything into consideration – everything is accounted for in one easy to access location.
Their support crew is extremely skilled and helpful which made the entire implementation process incredibly quick and easy.

I would highly recommend BEAMS to any builder who wishes to run a successful business.

Luke Oleenik
XL Building (Vic)


Several years ago we realised that our business was growing faster than we could keep up with and that we needed more than a “run of the mill accounting program” we needed a program that enveloped our business activities as a whole, a central location for estimate job costings, project notes, accounting and more. We started exploring the options of having software customized to suit our business, until we discovered that BEAMS already existed had all functionality that we were searching for. The BEAMS team made what we thought was going to be a difficult transition process very simple with their technical support.

Since then our business has continued to expand, and BEAMS continues to meet all our requirements, furthermore they listen to our business needs and adjust the software to suit in their regular updates.

Any builder looking to take their business to the next level, can benefit from having BEAMS along for the ride.

Kane Kelly
Safeway Building and Renovations (WA)

Intelligent Constructions and Electrical Pty Ltd

BEAMS is simply outstanding – it integrates most of the construction business processes and it will grow with the business. The package is suitable for start-up builders through to large enterprises. I was able to readily establish separate estimating and job profiles for the different elements of the company. The company was able to quickly transition to a single platform integrating and managing most aspects of the business. The flexibility of the program supports all types and levels of estimation – single trade through to large multi-discipline projects. Once the fundamentals are understood complex time saving prescriptions can be readily built to support the way you estimate.

The support to integrate the program is first rate. The setup is done remotely, the one on one training is catered to the user’s needs and the tech support is timely and thorough. I have no hesitation in recommending BEAMS to builders or building trades; it is an investment in the business and its productivity.

Craig Jolly
Intelligent Constructions and Electrical Pty Ltd (NSW)

Ultimo Constructions

We are able to quote accurately and have accurate financial records. It’s fantastic.

Rebecca Rossi
Operations Manager
Ultimo Constructions (WA)

Rayco Plumbing Constractors

BEAMS accounts and estimation software have been the first and only option for Rayco Plumbing Contractors. BEAMS software integrates Accounting, Estimation and Contracting all in the one software package which has proven to be second to none and of upmost ease of use in our field of profession.

To ensure that Rayco Plumbing Contractors is performing at the optimum level, we believe there must be a constant focus on quality. Whether it be products or service, the ultimate level of client satisfaction is based on a quality product and quality service. BEAMS consistently provides the quality that we demand within our required fields to ensure we give our customers the very best and most updated in accounting and contracting technology.

The team at BEAMS knowledge and understanding of what we require from our software system is proven with the continual updates and feedback taken from us to better improve the service to us for our level of requirement. BEAMS conducts themselves with the upmost of professionalism and we always have confidence in the program they offer us and also the backup from them if and when we require.

I have no hesitation recommending BEAMS for all your plumbing and or building software needs.

Grant Raynor
Rayco Plumbing Contractors (WA)

IQ Construction

We do everything on BEAMS from estimating to orders and invoices to scheduling. It’s absolutely crucial.

Samantha Dekker
IQ Construction (WA)

Significantly streamlined our processes.

Dwayne Ballast
General Manager
IQ Construction (WA)

Integrity Developments

Overall the system is the best and most versatile that I have seen and used.

Steve Burns
Integrity Developments (WA)

Integriry Developements
GDG Projects

It has streamlined project processes by having the estimating, contract management and finance modules in the 1 system. These were previously separate systems leading to double entries and things getting missed.

Garth Graves
GDG Projects Pty Ltd (QLD)

Australian Classic Homes

We started using BEAMS approximately 15 years ago after several months looking at different packages and instantly found BEAMS easy to pick up & learn. The set out is very well organised in the way it follows a path very similar to how you would estimate, then contract and administer a project, our accountant has also stated it is one of the best building software packages that he has seen in regards to accounts side of things. One aspect I have been most impressed with is the backup service we receive while BEAMS is based in Perth the help provided is excellent a credit to Peter and Lynda Fonte. I would have no hesitation in recommending BEAMS to another builder.

Brett Strickland
Australian Classic Homes (SA)

DMP Homes

Made estimating easier and helped us give our clients a clearer picture on the inclusions and exclusions.

David Polak
Managing Director
DMP Homes (WA)

DMP Homes

We have used BEAMS for over 15 years, since the introduction of GST in 2000. The system is very user friendly, however technical support is readily available if required. BEAMS assists us with the management and accounting of multiple building projects as well as payroll for our staff, trades and suppliers. We are happy to recommend BEAMS.

Dominique Travers
Managing Director
Addstyle Constructions Pty Ltd (WA)

33 South

When I first started my Building Company in 1999 my estimates and purchase orders were hand written, on my first ever building contract I had no idea how I was going to keep track of accounts, progress claims and job tracking. That is when I realised that I required an integrated computer program that could help me run my business to reflect the current times.

The crew at BEAMS helped me with the setup of the program and gave me ongoing support to make the transition into BEAMS as easy as it could be. When the GST came into effect they virtually rewrote the accounts module of the program & came into my office and unloaded all my data and reloaded it with the new GST program at no extra cost.

Having an extensive building background they understand your concerns and how to direct with most problems as they have encountered it themselves. BEAMS helps my business look professional with well set out Purchase Order and invoice formats including company logo which helps us run professionally in the office saving us time and money.

I would recommend BEAMS to any Builder who wants to run a successful business with a program that works.

Paul James
Managing Director
33 South Building Group (WA)

Valeco Homes

BEAMS had been an essential cornerstone in the development and operations of our business over the past four years. I would highly recommend BEAMS to anyone in the building industry.

Jamee Porteous
Financial Controller
Valeco Homes (QLD)

BASE Plumbing

My company Base Plumbing has been using BEAMS for 9 years.  After using BEAMS for only a short period I discovered it to be an extremely user friendly database application that has assisted the company to implement more efficient turn around times, which has enabled the company to save time and costs.

The database that BEAMS designed for my company is plumbing based rather that building based, proving its flexibility. Due to this I found the BEAMS support team was very helpful in setting up our database.  Training is always available along with the online & telephone support team.
I truly believe that BEAMS can be adapted to suit any businesses.  I therefore have no hesitation in recommending BEAMS to any other business owner who is looking to introduce more efficient turn around times thus saving the company money.

Mark James
Managing Director
BASE Plumbing (WA)

Quay Building & Design

Simplified process from job conception to completion .

Peter Druce
Quay Building & Design Pty Ltd (NSW)

Quay Building & Design
Geoff Clarke Homes

We have been with BEAMS now for the past 15 years, we can’t express how helpful the program has been over those years, at one stage we were so busy that we really don’t know what we would have done without the BEAMS support staff.  Right from contracts, the claiming of progress claims, the itemising of materials & Business Activity Statements everything is done for you. I myself had never used a computer until using BEAMS in 2000 & it was a breeze.

Would I recommend Beams, I most definitely would.

Geoff & Marie Clarke
Geoff Clarke Homes (QLD)


Made Taxation time a breeze and keeping tabs on job costing/profit margins.

Terrene Rokich
Rokbuild Pty Ltd (WA)

Next Level Extensions

Every part of our business is accounted for in one place and can be found at the click of a button.

Allan Williams
Next Level Extensions (WA)

Next Level Extensions
Home Design Building Group

BEAMS has been the backbone of Home design building group for over twelve years.  Our company simply could not function without the BEAMS system.  The accuracy, documentation, on site communication, accounting and data transfer are all critical to our business.  The support service and flexibility over the years has been exceptional and the constant improvements and upgrades keeps our company at the forefront.

Thank you to the team at BEAMS.

Glen Purdy
Managing Director
Home Design Building Group (QLD)