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Beams Estimates

Be the first to submit your quote not the last.


Quick and accurate estimates in minutes not days with Beams inbuilt Prescriptions!  Onscreen takeoff with CAD Image is unrivalled and even produces overlays and cutting lists.

Quote & Specification

Prepare personalised details directly from the estimate with no double entry.  The Addenda includes images and product information that automatically updates when other products are selected.


Send for Quotes from Suppliers & Sub-contractors and manage then from Quotes Request Register.  Beams email monitoring captures these directly from your mail program.


Are stored directly within Beams and are available to Beams Mobile and throughout the system for orders variations etc.

Beams Contracts

Never suffer scheduling nightmares again with BEAMS.

Purchase Orders

Issue personalised purchase orders directly from the budgets carried over from the estimate and email directly with attachments.


Create and issue variations, with security checks on already ordered items to eliminate errors, directly from Beams and attach to progress claims.

Budget Analysis

Compare at a glance the original estimate, any approved variations, your committed costs and the actual spent for each cost centre.


Track and maintain all your onsite activities with advanced functions to authorise payments and produce cashflow reports.

Add or edit contracts
Acc deb

Beams Accounts

System efficiency results in greater profits.


Be alerted on entering creditor invoices of budget blowouts and be able to enter erosion codes if required to always know your expected cost to complete.


Make payments direct to banks via industry standard aba files with no possibility of overpayment or double payments.

Progress Claim

Issue as a “Stage of Works” claim, a “Percentage Claim” or a default “Debtor Invoice”.  Keep a track of retentions and attached selected variations to any Stage of Works progress claim.

Time Sheets & Payroll

Full timesheet functionality from desktop or from Beams Mobile.  Approved single touch payroll (STP) export functionality.

Our Services

BEAMS – The Only Building Estimating Software You Need

Are you looking to change how you do business? The building industry has changed, and with those changes comes a range of building, estimation and costing challenges required by you to help you win more business, stay on top of your budgets and keep on schedule.

When we talk about technological changes in the construction industry, software is having the biggest impact. Estimating software for builders is really starting to emerge and be used widely across the residential and commercial building industry. There is now no longer any need for pens, paper and excel spreadsheets – BEAMS can handle your estimating, contracts administration and accounting, letting you get on with what you do best – constructing great buildings.

You know how often you carry out construction estimation – it’s part of your everyday routines. Why not make it easier by using the best construction estimating software in Australia.

Building Cost Estimation Software Features

When using any building and costing estimation software, there are certain features you need to help the job run smoother. BEAMS can produce fast and detailed quotes, seeing you prepare a fully detailed quote within 30 minutes.

Here are some other features you find with what is well known as the best estimating software for builders of all sizes, large and small – BEAMS:
  • Quick and accurate estimations
  • Prepare personalised quotes and specifications directly from the estimate
  • Create and issue variations quickly and easily
  • Run a budget analysis to ensure you’re on track
  • Track and maintain on-site activities with scheduling tools
  • Full invoicing functions with alerts of budget blowouts
  • Payroll and time sheets functions and all your taxation needs all from the BEAMS desktop

Forget external builders accounting software and also your need to maintain estimation and quoting books – BEAMS can do it all efficiently and easily.

Best Estimating Software for Large & Small Builders

Small builders and construction companies often get left behind when it comes to building estimating software in Australia. Far too often, estimating software is designed towards the bigger builders, leaving smaller builders to use multiple software options to ensure they get what they need.

BEAMS is one of the most popular choices also for small builders, with high ratings from all our customers. So what do they love about our software?
  • Has everything needed to become a professional systemised business
  • All the functionality they are looking for without needing customised software
  • Integration into construction business processes helping to grow the business
  • Helps to streamline the project process
  • User friendly system
  • Knowledgeable and understanding support team

BEAMS has been supporting large & small builders with a quality building estimating solution service for over 30 years. We understand the industry and what you need to make your business run more efficiently.

Construction Cost Estimating Software that Keeps you on Track

It’s all too easy for budgets to blow out in the construction industry. Variations may mean that materials end up costing more than expected or that changes to the layout means extra days on site. It’s not always easy to keep on top of the budget changes that variations make.

A quality building estimation and costing software allows you to stay on top of your jobs, get estimations completed quickly, ensure your costing and budgeting is on track, and control your work on site schedule.

The beauty of a quality estimation software that’s been around a long time is that we know what you need to manage your business. From the very first estimate and take off through to the final invoice, BEAMS helps you reduce the administration load behind your construction jobs. If you’re sick of the double handling involved between estimating and invoicing, we have the software to help.

Looking to make your estimating, invoicing and project accounting process more efficient? Contact us today.

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