Update Patch Version 4.6.8185 (10th May 2022)

  1. Inventory – Bug Fix that allowed the user to un-knowingly rename material descriptions.
  2. Invoices – Updated the messages to confirm when an invoice was to be deleted.
  3. Progress Claim – Updated the process when preparing the final claim that all unissued variations were also included.
  4. Call Forward – Bug Fix where the colour was not being updated when the check button was checked and unchecked.
  5. Payroll – Updated the employees list to maintain the selected employee when preparing a new payroll.
  6. Bank Reconcile – Bug Fix where the add button to add new transactions sometimes was hidden.

  Update Patch Version 4.6.8145 (20th April 2022)

  1. Beams – Bug fix that now allows users to set the Company progress claim to “Stationary”
  2. Beams Companion – Updated function to list only materials for a selected Category –Purpose when raising orders.
  3. Beams –Updated the Percent Claim report preview option to deduct retention.
  4. Beams –Bookmark error when sending remittance advise.
  5. Beams –Invoice Analysis, Now will display all income amounts per category if a debtor invoice is raised to a selected Category.
  6. Beams – Provided a function to auto fill creditor invoice lines if a multi category order is issued.
  7. Beams – Provided for the editing of variation markup per line item when creating new or editing existing variations.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8126 (1st April 2022)

  1. Percentage Claims – Updated the calculation to show previous value claimed.
  2. Orders – Provided an automated function to check if any call forward items were connected to purchase orders and re-attach if new call forward item created
  3. Progress Claims – Provided an option to display variations as RTF in lieu of plain text.
  4. Progress Claims – Updated the form layout to list all items relevant to new claim issue.
  5. Progress Claims – Provided an option to list all previous debtor invoices for that selected job-client.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8109 (15th March 2022)

  1. Percentage Claims- Added an additional calculation to determine the retention amount for early debtor invoices where the actual retention per line was not stored.
  2. Orders Issued- Calculated the actual order value and invoices value rather than the rounded value.
  3. Timesheets- Allowed the timesheet records to be applied to the payroll when a category was selected without a job being selected.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8102 (8th March 2022)

  1. Progress Claims – added a function to locate the last added claim to make the issuing of variations easier.
  2. Percentage Claim Report – fixed a bug where the balance to claim was not correct if the variation was confirmed on the same date as the report.
  3. Job Reschedule – edited the message to advise the schedule will be locked after rebuilding.
  4. Variations – allowed the editing of the trade description and added a field in variations.
  5. Chart of Account – updated the message to advise why the delete claim failed if balances exist
  6. Bill of Quants – edited the report to display the materials total value when the line items were disabled in the report.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8081 (16th February 2022)

  1. User Permissions – Updated the – Edit Options – Can Edit : Invoices.  This check option must be set if this user is to edit any creditor invoice.
  2. Order – Bug fix when creating a new order and selecting a call forward item, the status detail did not display correctly in the call forward.
  3. Progress Claim – Updated the process to enable a final claim adjustment which will set all parameters including variations.
  4. Variations – Displayed in the Contract Variation window only the parent variation if a split had been performed.
  5. Invoice Approval – If any user is set to must approve, then creditor invoice window opens red.  If no one is set to must approve, then anyone can approve or dispute.