New Tax Table for 2020 – 2021 (Student and Training Support Loan) for financial year has been released Today (18/06/2020)

Description of the erosion code for invoices have been updated

Updated superannuation reporting to meet new government requirements

Status Progress Bar shows at a glance how the job is going financially.

Add Colour Selections to your materials to allow clients to make selections via the CRM Client Portal.

Job keeper function has been released today

Add multiple email addresses in Clients & Suppliers separate with semicolon

Click to add variations to Progress Claims

Import a bank statement for fast bank reconciliations

Check with your supplier to see if they export invoices

Beams Companion with Invoice Authorisation released today, download from App Store

Beams 4.2 Release 1st November 2019

Reschedule notification added features

Added Invoice approval process in Contracts

Creditor Payment Terms Options

Creditor Invoice user restrictions for approval

Payroll process includes auto payment

Library options for emails and notes per division

Beams 4.1 Release 11th July 2019 and includes

Bulk order wizard – prepare all orders for job one click

Invoice scan – automatically enter creditor invoice details

Quote register – manage all supplier quotes

Single Touch Payroll – update due soon required for final pay.

Check out the new features in CRM – Enquire NOW

Beams Mobile for sub-contractors – coming soon.

Mass Email Quote Register – coming soon.

Beams 4.0 to be released 29th Jan 2019.

New Specification create and display.

Added Gantt charts to better monitor tasks.

Added percentage complete to tasks  for improved reporting.

Email Monitoring of quotation Requests direct to jobs.

F3 key on any address in Beams to open the location in Maps.

Add any stored document from Beams Document to orders & variations.

Setup email monitoring to maintain all emails in and out directly in Beams.

Beams 3.9 Released – Click “What’s New” for a list of enhancements.

Single touch payroll implementation and tax table update for 2018-2019 in payroll.

Quotation and addenda selection feature in CRM.

Adding shortcut to add the percentage value in Variation.

Add option to use estimate edit window in CAD Image

Provide more flexibility when creating selection prescription.

Add authorisation control to edit / revert the custom report.

Beams 3.8 Released – Click “What’s New” for a list of enhancements.

Beams CRM now includes a customer portal with direct access to their job progress and details.

Send and receive emails directly into Beams via Beams email monitoring.

Beams Blob, store all your documents, emails etc directly into Beams.

Store the invoice image with the invoice for easy retrieval and paperless office.

Beams Mobile now has access to all your Beams Blobs.

Beams 3.7 Released – Check out the new and exciting features.

Remember to create your new financial year 1st July 2017.

The new tax table effective from 1st July 2017 has been released.

Beams 3.6 Released – Click what’s new for a list of changes & enhancements.

Create your own Specifications to automatically update material products for jobs already quoted at the click of a button.

The new tax table effective from 1st October 2016 has been released.

CAD Image – enable the Preview Pane when opening files to display the image for selection.

Beams 3.5 RELEASED, “Check for Updates” or “What’s New” for list of changes.  New report options for aged creditors and aged debtors.  Select period end date to re-create creditors or debtors for that period.

Magnifying glass for CAD Image to better locate intersecting corners.

Select Categories specific to each Division, this makes your setup process specific to each division.

IMPORTANT – If an update is available for Beams and you are using Beams Mobile, the server for the mobile must also be updated.

Please update the server computer or notify your IT contact to update Beams on the server computer.

Beams 3.4 RELEASED and contains many requested features and functions.

It also includes a new interface with estimating and contracts view options.

Getting a connection timed out error in Beams Mobile? The three things to check would be your router to make sure no port forwarding or other settings have changed, the internet connection on your mobile device and the server where Beams is installed. If the service is stopped on the server where Beams is installed, simply restart the service. If it keeps stopping, give us a call and we can look through the logs to rectify the issue. All other reasons for Beams Mobile not working are the responsibility of your IT personnel as they do not involve the Beams application. More information can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Got a question? Try using the BEAMSSearch‘ function in the Help File to locate the answer to all your questions. Simply type in a keyword related to your question Eg. Cost Plus, TPAR Reporting or Variations hit enter & be directed straight to the relevant Help File .

New Erosion report option from within the contracts module with the added ability lock off jobs after they have been scheduled.

CAD Image now includes additional tools and features for roofing plus the ability to choose colour, line style and line width options.

The next release of BEAMS Corporate will include an upgraded payroll system. Please call Beams if you want more details prior to its impending release.

Check out the updated help files F1 on keyboard from any screen.

Don’t forget to create your new financial year and update your Super rate to 9.5% for 1 July 2014.

Try the Report Editor to personalise your reports including your logo. The Report Editor is accessed via the File pull down menu after a report is displayed.

To display and pay only subcontractors, filter subbies only from Creditor Payments.

Add images to Purchase Order notes and Variations with the RTF tools.

Check out the new supervisor reports from Contracts.

Having trouble with percentage fields? Download an update from Help > Check for Updates to fix the issue.

Import documents and images into the message centre or attach images to orders.