Construction management can be a high-tension task. You have to create budgets, monitor progress, oversee sub constructors, create schedules, evaluate materials/equipment, and so much more. Because of these, many construction professionals use software solutions to streamline their workflow.

According to Credit Capital business analyst Alister Clare pointed out the common workflows used in construction. These include accounting, estimating, scheduling, and building information modeling.

But with so many solutions out there, how can you find the most suitable product for your business?

Determine Your Budget

Before anything else, consider the amount you’re willing to spend on this system. The cost difference across providers isn’t much. It’s advised to focus on the actual value of the software for your money.

Identify Specific Needs

Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all software, so choose something that’s designed to address your specific needs. Generally, there are three technology categories to follow:


Issue Tracking: A minor effort during the construction process could trigger a series of unpleasant events. Fixing issues in their early stages is vital in preventing expensive damages. A construction management software can record problems that happened in the past and all the steps you’ve taken to solve them. This way, it’s easier to find loopholes.


Organization of Project Portfolio: These software products help reduce risk through efficient cost management. Using this technology can save time and energy going back and forth with receipts, cheques, and other financial documents. They also enable data logging and sharing.


Integrated Estimation: These tools integrate project portfolios with other business aspects, such as accounting and scheduling. Many of them also perform HR and accounting functions, such as payroll management and project billing.

Determine Ease of Deployment

Another crucial consideration to take into account when choosing a construction management software is the user interface. You would want something intuitive and easy to use for contractors and builders.

Being able to integrate with other systems, such as e-mail and Excel, can restructure your processes.


Security is everything in any business. Make sure that the software offers data encryption and maximum protection against unauthorized access.

You may consult industry colleagues, research what competitors use, read reviews, or speak with technology providers. However, you may not have the time or expertise to do this assignment.


What Does BEAMS Offer?

BEAMS offer management of every stage of the project in one package through:

Estimates Module: This allows you to create quick and accurate estimates with personalised details. It also automatically updates the estimate each time you add a product.

Contracts Module: Gets rid of scheduling issues using advanced functions that authorise payments and generate cash flow results.

Accounts Module: Enables bank payment through standard ABA files without risk of double or overpayments. It also offers BAS creation and GST processing using a two-step process.

Choosing a technology to use in your business processes can be taxing. But once you find the most suitable tool for your needs, you can reduce the weight of your daily tasks.
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