Update Patch Version 4.6.8165 (10th May 2022)

  1. Inventory – Bug fix that allowed the user to unknowingly rename the material description.
  2. Invoices – Updated the messages to confirm when an invoice was to be deleted.
  3. Progress Claim – Updated the process when preparing the final claim that all unissued variations were also included.
  4. Call Forward – Bug Fix where the colour was not being updated when the check button was checked and unchecked.
  5. Payroll – Updated the employees list back to the last location after preparing a new payroll.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8145 (20th Apr 2022)

  1. Beams – Bug fix that now allows users to set the Company progress claim to “Stationary”
  2. Beams Companion – Updated function to list only materials for a selected Category Purpose when raising orders.
  3. Beams – Updated the Percent Claim report preview option to deduct retention.
  4. Beams – Bookmark error when sending remittance advise.
  5. Beams – Invoice Analysis, Now will display all income amounts per category if a debtor invoice is raised to a selected Category.
  6. Beams – Provided a function to auto fill creditor invoice lines if a multi category order is issued.
  7. Beams – Provided for the editing of variation markup per line item when creating new or editing existing variations.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8126 (1st April 2022)

  1. Percentage Claims – Updated the calculation to show previous value claimed.
  2. Orders – Provided an automated function to check if any call forward items were connected to purchase orders and re-attach if new call forward item created
  3. Progress Claims – Provided an option to display variations as RTF in lieu of plain text.
  4. Progress Claims – Updated the form layout to list all items relevant to new claim issue.
  5. Progress Claims – Provided an option to list all previous debtor invoices for that selected job-client.

Update Patch Version 4.6.8081 (16th February 2022)

  1. User Permissions – Updated the – Edit Options – Can Edit : Invoices.  This check option must be set if this user is to edit any creditor invoice.
  2. Order – Bug fix when creating a new order and selecting a call forward item, the status detail did not display correctly in the call forward.
  3. Progress Claim – Updated the process to enable a final claim adjustment which will set all parameters including variations.
  4. Variations – Displayed in the Contract Variation window only the parent variation if a split had been performed.
  5. Invoice Approval – If any user is set to must approve, then creditor invoice window opens red.  If no one is set to must approve, then anyone can approve or dispute.

Major Update Version 4.6.8067 (1st February 2022)

  1. BAS : Give option for write off to show in bas G10 as well as profit and loss, by allowing the user to choose non-asset chart of account.
  2. Creditor Invoice – added to the Invoice Approval process that may require approval from multiple users before payment, applies also to Beams Companion
  3. Login – after any update that requires the user confirms and understands the inclusions of the update
  4. Variation – provided a Split function that allows you to claim only apportion of approved variations
  5. Percentage & Progress Claim – combined the percentage claim and progress claim windows to provide the same options for each
  6. Order – allowed for the selection of multiple call forward items for each order
  7. Single Touch – provided additional selection options, pending ATO approval
  8. Prescription – provided a conditional option to provide more prescription options, also provided rounding to selection
  9. Material – option to update Forecast price
  10. Material – show if the material has a different price in a price zone
  11. Call Forward – Task Search, colour coded tasks and status display, applies also to Beams Companion
  12. Material Selection Type – ability to rename and delete
  13. Quick Builder – allow the selection of a specification for automatic update
  14. Estimate History – further enhanced the report to better illustrate any erosion based on either erosion type or order number, applies also to Beams Companion

Update Patch Version 4.5.7993 (19th November 2021)

  1. This update requires 4.5.7949 to be installed, please ring Beams if you have not installed the previous version.
  2. Fix tip of the day and beams support location based on beams new website.
  3. Supplier : add a warning when duplicate abn is detected in the system
  4. Companion : hide the employee details if the user does not have financial / employee permission.
  5. Companion : timesheet, filter the job for the company they have access to.

Update Patch Version 4.5.7949 (6th October 2021)

  2. Variation : fix the description not showing after editing.
  3. Creditor Invoice : fix the issue of order validation for completed job.
  4. Creditor Invoice : list the order for job during the maintenance.

Update Patch Version 4.5.7942 (29th September 2021)

  1. Creditor Report : to add function to display invoice without an order (by entering 0)

Update Patch Version 4.5.7937 (24th September 2021)

  1. Order report : add ‘supplier mobile’ and ‘part number’ field.
  2. Show all jobs in beams companion : the admin level 5 will still be able to show all jobs. No admin will only be shown their own allocated job, unless show all jobs is ticked.
  3. Multi constant lines in payroll, including job and category dropdown.
  4. Percentage claim report : show variation id instead of claim id in the variation list.
  5. Creditor and Debtor invoice : allow the split when financial year is closed.
  6. Variation confirm and delete : optimise the process.
  7. Job detail report : calculate profit ex GST.
  8. Custom field report : make the window sizable.

Update Patch Version 4.5.7894 (12th August 2021)

  1. Timesheet : Additional permission in user permissions to allow users to create timesheets in Desktop or edit timesheet on Companion.
  2. Material : Added  a “%Category” material unit description which when added to budget category will automatically calculate % for the specific category.
  3. Order : Display the order as it was last printed in all reprint situations including from creditor invoice.
  4. Order : Added a function to assign the nominated supplier of the call forward item to the order when preparing an order.
  5. Material list : Added the edit option of update date and forecast price directly from the material list for any price file zone.
  6. Call forward : Have allowed the process to mark call forward tasks as “Notified” even if no supplier has been ordered or nominated.
  7. Debtor Invoice : Relax the restriction to allow edit of COAID when the invoice has been included in the tax reconciliation.
  8. Document : Included extra filtering of illegal characters of file names when saving documents.
  9. Progress Claim : Displayed the details to be included in the “Bring in PPA” function for viewing prior to bringing it.
  10. Profitability report : Added an option In Financial reports “Profitability” to display details as “Brought Forward” which includes ‘from stock’ and ‘charge rate’.
  11. Copy variation : Fixed an issue where a variation could not be edited after it was copied before saving the variation.
  12. Reprice Variation : Will now apply the rounding setup for the division to all variations (excluding notepad).
  13. Variation list : Removed the formatted description text only in the list displayed for faster display of variations.
  14. Variation Edit : Added security to prevent users from editing variations after they have been confirmed.  The variation must be un-confirmed before editing.

Update Patch Version 4.5.7858 (7th July 2021)

Invoice: Relax few restrictions in the manual editing.

Update Patch Version 4.5.7849 (28th June 2021)

  1. Order : Bugfix – issue to display all cancelled orders.
  2. Invoice : to allow splitting the invoice which is included in the tax reconciliation

Update Patch Version 4.5.7846 (25th June 2021)

  1. Order : Bugfix – issue to display all newly created orders without needing to unload job.

Version Update 4.5 (24th June 2021)

  1. Payroll : Added the new tax table update for the 2021-2022 financial year as provided by ATO.
  2. Email monitoring : Added an option to monitor every email within a specific domain in lieu of just matching the complete email address.
  3. Payment Receipt : Replaced the previous split invoice process with the simplified Edit invoice.
  4. Contract Quantity : The “Add” or “Replace” option in Contract Quantities now behaves the same as the Estimate Quantity important when “When Build on Material” is selected as the company default.
  5. Order : Added a new issue type “X” to cater for orders that are simply printed but not forwarded on to supplier.
  6. Order : Updated the orders form to show all invoices entered for an order number when the invoice category differs from the order.
  7. Beams companion on Android : add alternative licensing option.
  8. Import Export : Added functions to import creditor, debtor, and general journals from a .csv file format.
  9. Reschedule : Added an automatic audit function to evaluate all call forward items and mark accordingly, based on the Job Type settings, if ordered or notified conditions are met.
  10. Delete or reprint order : Introduced an automatic function to list all transactions where an order may have been invoiced against a multi category or a different than ordered category is used.
  11. Debtor Invoice : Locked the invoice number field to prevent users from attempting to change the debtor invoice number.
  12. CadImage : Fixed an issue where the calculation required was “Lineal” but the user chose to measure “Area” and the resulting calculation showed the Lineal value.

Update Patch Version 4.4.7796 (8th May 2021)

Summary of details included in the update.

  1. Mobile – reschedule notification : filter to show only assigned jobs for supervisor unless admin user
  2. Payroll & timesheet : maintain the employee location after refresh
  3. Credit statement : add company logo to the progress claim credit statement
  4. Payroll : add ability to select and deselect all employees
  5. Bas report : expand W1 label as only displayed as “W”
  6. Reports : specify if the report is a custom report in the page footer
  7. Creditor enquiry : add PAYG and GST tax columns to the grid
  8. Payslip report group : ensured that the report displayed correctly on screen
  9. Invoice (debtor and creditor) : re-enabled assigning into bank chart of account as long as it is not being used for payment and receipt.
  10. Schedule item change : eliminate the possibility of editing the issued progress claim during the add new.
  11. Timesheet report : fix the number of days increment.
  12. Material import : add ability to import materials into different price zones.
  13. Document : stop the user from deleting a pdf that has been used in a CADImage bc4 file.
  14. Disabled the auto balance roll over to prevent confusion when more that 1 previous financial years are open.
  15. Bugfix to prevent CRM to Beams adding new line to address field

New in Version 4.4 (21th January 2021)

Summary of details included in the update.

Beams Desktop


  1. Quick builder and template creation.  This allows you to estimate a job in a very short amount of time by entering minimum information and presetting values for specified amounts and allowing Beams to determine other values by comparing this job with others in the system of the same plan-job type and size etc.
    Additionally the job auto loads and opens the estimating and contracts window.
  2. Auto load of .bc4 file & auto save in CADImage in every click of the build process.
  3. Document attachment in create new job, including creating multi units location.  This allows you to store the plans and documents during the creation of the new job.
  4. Add / edit variation redesigned
  5. Material window now also displays all the associated purposes for the material.  This shows and allows you to select, where you want to use the material.
  6. Update to the User – Permissions window to better allow for editing each user.
  7. Update to the Company – Division window.
  8. Turn off prescription option.  In the user permissions, you are able to turn off all the prescription calculating options for each user.  This means that all values will remain as inputted and not affected by Beams Re-Calc.
  9. Build item bookmark in Cadimage – When estimating, all the prescription build items are now displayed in colour grey to indicate which items are actually build items.  This means it is no longer required to tab between build and non build items while estimating.  Additionally when in CadImage, Beams will remember which build item you were last at and allow you to continue from that record.  The number of records left to complete is also displayed.
  10. PPA-inventory order – Now available from estimation and once the order is raised for the selected job, Beams will automatically mark the job as PPA.
  11. Variation status and colour selection date – linked to the CRM
  12. Addition of the scheduled Tasks – Cash flow report to the estimating main menu with report options.


  1. Added the WORKSHEET option to contracts which allows you to prepare and copy details to and from the worksheet including Variations.
  2. Past estimate and contract budget builder – Provides an option to populate the original estimate or revised budget with values calculated from the contract value.  There are conditions to its use but if a contract is created without any values, Beams can populate allowances for each category from the contract value.  It will use the default Job Type to derive the percentages for each category.
  3. Erosion details in add or edit – As screen shot above illustrates, more information is provided on the contract edit window.  Details of the original estimate budget and shows the movement of variations and the affected erosion.
  4. Add / Edit Order and redesigned – to also include orders prepared from the mobile Companion device.  This enables you to easily validate an inventory or mobile order.
  5. Adding call forward items while creating orders is now possible to speed up the process of maintain accurate construction time lines.
  6. Importing mobile order redesigned, including importing PPA estimate order
  7. Mobile order required validation will also be included in scheduling request report
  8. New erosion report, to selectively showing above and under budget


  1. Manual edit of creditor and debtor invoice – Editing is now allowed on both debtor and creditor invoices.  The double click event of the contract brings up details of all invoicing and compares back to the original estimated budget and revised contract budget.
  2. Added the creditor and debtor terms to the enquiry windows to allow for filtering as required.
  3. Automatically creating the chart of accounts and bring in the balances in the creation of new financial year.
  4. Manual edit of payment and receipts.
  5. Skin selection to personalise the viewing experience of each Beams Window.
  6. Email upgrade, finish the email monitoring outgoing setup in user list permission will be sufficient to send authenticated email out of beams.
  7. Email monitoring, client manual restart option
  8. Email monitoring to capture multiple email accounts separated by ;


Audit Logs:

  • May now filter Audit Logs: previously you had to manually search Audit logs for any records you were looking for.


  • Many Filters now have all options rather than top 25: previously many filters would only give you the option of the top 25 results.


  • Site Details Now shown on Jobs Page: previously these details were only available from the Leads Page.
  • Contract Info on Jobs Page. The Jobs Page will now provide Financial Information previously  only available in Beams Desktop.
  • Change Colours from Job
  • Add Variations from Job
  • Add inclusions from Job
  • Salespeople and Clients (from the Client Portal) will now be able to directly pick options and colours from the Jobs Page.
  • Confirm Items from Client Portal: you will also be able to confirm selections that others have made
  • Updated Folders to Look More like Beams Folder Structure
  • To bring the CRM more in line with Beams Desktop, we have adjusted the Files View to reflect the folders available to users in the CRM.


  • Create an email list for campaigns which will auto-send emails on status change.
  • With an interest in increasing automation capabilities in the CRM you can now attach automated messages to a campaign, causing it to send a templated email to the Lead automatically when it reaches a certain stage of its development.


  • Drag and Drop Outlook Items: previously Outlook items could only be observed and added, not rescheduled. Now you may drag and drop Outlook items to reschedule their date/time.

Client Portal:

  • Added Photo Gallery to Main Page
  • The Client Portal has added a photo gallery of recent images added to your active jobs. Clicking on an image will display a full size version of the image.

New in Version 4.3 (13th May 2020) revised

Summary of details included in the update.

Beams Desktop

  1. Schedule Lock – Changes to the name listed in the job details window from “Schedule Unlocked” to “Budget Unlocked”.  This caused some confusion as to the term “schedule” to indicate the time line rather than to refer to the scheduling of a job to indicate all the orders had been raised.
  2. Send Emails – You are now able to attached multiple opened reports to emails.  If more than one report is opened and you click the send email, you will be prompted to include just the current or all opened reports.  Beams will then convert to pdf and attach all.
  3. Call Forward Options – default settings to determine how and what would be affected by rescheduling the construction time line of a job.  These are maintained from the Job Type Templates.
  4. Public Holidays – Any public holiday or stored holiday will be used when rescheduling a job listed in the call forward windows.  The settings are included in the “Rebuild” options from the Resources Calender.
  5. Maintenance – Main Menu window has renamed  the job tab selection  and also includes dates for tracking of maintenance.  Jobs showing as “Current” in contracts window is now controlled by the setting in Company that sets the amount of time to allow for a job to be listed as “Current”.  Jobs are also colour coded red to show that they are completed although still listed as current.
  6. Progress Status bar – displayed with each job listed to indicate whether a job includes any budget, if a quote has been provided or if there is profit in the job.
  7. Colour Selection – Materials now have the option that allows you to create colour selection types and list the available options.  This information has been also used when producing the addenda, the quote and also when printing out a specification option.
  8. Colour Selection Field – Both the estimate and contract quantity windows now include this information.  Previously the colour selection details were included in the addenda field and although this is still allowed, the additional field is specifically for this information.
  9. Material Trade Note – has been added to the material table which allows you to enter details about the product to be shown on the suppliers purchase orders.  This additional field allows a maximum size of 1024 characters.
  10. Material Addenda Description – has been increased in size to allow a maximum of 1024 characters.
  11. Quotes – A Report layout option has been added to further customise the presentation of you quotes.  This also includes the image of plan or elevation to the quote as added in the template.
  12. Global Font Setting –  This allows you to select a custom font to be used in either a selected list of reports or all reports.  New to Settings – All Reports – Report Font Options.
  13. Grid Layout – Auto save for grid and tree layout to keep your settings and added columns for the column chooser option of the grids. This allows you to customise the display in any grid and Beams will remember this for the next time you open the window.  Be careful when you apply a filter to display only a selected record as when you return to the window, it will still be on that filter.  You are able to right click to revert.
  14. Sync Job to CRM – (Work in Progress) If for some reason the job created in Beams has not flowed through from the CRM, you have the ability to select the job from available jobs for the client.  From Beams. (double click on CRM symbol from main menu)
  15. Library Bookmark – Added extra options to library notes for elevation and floor plan of the job (from any rich text formatting bookmark)
  16. Bulk Order Wizard – Creates all the purchase orders now in sequential order based on cost centre number.
  17. Superannuation – The report to list the superannuation for employees has been updated to better show payrolls that have as yet not been forwarded to the relevant super funds.
  18. Report Options – Additional details are now available to display the relevant information for creditor invoices, debtor invoices and the order details.  This is to aid in the invoice approval process, when a job is double clicked for the creditor invoice details window.
  19. Centralised serial number – Use one serial number for each database. There will be no need to de-active and reactivate for each client computers.
    This option is only applicable for windows computer (not parallel / bootcamp).
  20. Estimator/Scheduler  Field – Added a field for each job to set who the Estimator for the estimate is and who the Scheduler for the contract is.  This user is used to be sent an email when the customer from the client portal makes a colour selection or raises a variation.  This process will prepare a pending variation directly in Beams indicated with an “R” as requested.
  21. Selection Date – Added a field for both the estimate and contract to indicate when the customers colour selection was finalised.  The CRM uses this field in Client Portal mode to allow the customer to complete his colour selections and confirm when his has finalised it.  He is not able to make changes after this date is entered.  From within Beams Desktop, the date can be removed to enable the customer to redo his selections.  Beams provides two date fields, one at estimate stage and one at contract stage.  This is to cater for users that carry out pre-start colour selections pre-contract and those who carry out post-contract.
  22. Rename User Mailbox – The folders to monitor have caused some confusion with users as the folder recommended to monitor outgoing mail should be the sent items not the outbox as this mail box holds the email only until it is sent and because the email monitoring occurs as set generally every 10 minutes could mean the email is not there when the monitoring checks the outbox.
  23.  Contact Notes – To better be able to sort through all the messages and emails that are monitored and included in Beams, we have added a padlock image icon to show which emails are marked as someone else’s private email.  The heading icons are now also sortable to get the required records on the top of the list.
  24. Quantities Edit – Both the estimate quantities and contract quantities edit windows have included a character “>” with the material description to indicate the material products that have an image attached to it.  This is useful when selecting the material as you can base your choice on products with images.
  25. History Details – Provided additional information about the original estimate details, the confirmed variations along with all the orders and corresponding invoices.  This is now accessed from the job budget or from the creditor invoices and the double clicking the category in the invoice line.
  26. Validate Inventory – Streamlined the process to validate orders created either from the mobile devices or from the inventory section of Beams.
  27. Job Keeper and Job Keeper extension – Due to the COVID – 19, the government has put in place financial assistance.  One of these measures is the Job Keeper that is ensuring employees can be paid during this time.
  28. Profit & Loss Report – We have provided an option to display the profit and loss report as “Cash”.  By default the report displays data based on “Accrual”.  Also the itemised report option has been modified to show all the transactions within the report and summary is as previous.
  29. GST Control Proof – We have provided an option to display the report as either Cash or Accrual.  The default is Accrual.
  30. Copy Quantities – Because there are so many possible options when copying from one job to another, there is now an option selection which lists all the possible combinations.
  31. Creditor & Debtor Invoices  – Now displays all the invoice details for the selected supplier/client which can be double clicked to bring up the details.  Also because of the new grid settings being able to be saved, from the column chooser, you are able to list the values as inclusive or exclusive of GST or included the GST column with the column chooser.
  32. Credit Terms  – Have added 45 days as a credit term selection in all areas where the credit terms are applied.
  33. Orders – We have included the assigned call forward item in the order window to identify orders
    that have been assigned to specific call forward items.
  34. Bulk Orders – To be ordered per unit.

Beams Companion

  1. Colour Coded the job where invoices are entered and require authorisation.
  2. Completed jobs are now indicated with a green tick but displayed at the bottom of the jobs list.
  3. Invoices requiring authorisation have had a face lift and displayed now as either a green tick as authorised or a red cross if the invoice is held from payment.

Beams CRM

  1. Colour Selection – Add material colour selection and save it into requested variation pending, also notify estimator / scheduler depending on the job stage (estimate / contract).
  2. Selection Finalised Date – Add colour selection finalised date to lock the selection.
  3. Save a custom view – Your filter changes can be saved and retrieved when required.
  4. Progress and Sales graphs – The dashboard now provides information about activity and performance in graph layout.
  5. Price a Job – Additional Formatting and selections in Price a Job Feature
  6. Notes – Created list paging to speed up the data retrieval.

New in Version 4.2 (1st November 2019) revised

Summary of details included in update.


  • Authorise Invoice – An option that is set in the Users Permissions to allow whether invoices are marked for approval and if other users are required to actually approve invoices for payment.
  • DOI and EOM Invoice – Additional setup options to determine if the terms being applied to a client or supplier are based on the end of month or from date of invoice. The option extends to the payments window and also for reporting to filter payments for when they are actually required for payment based on their credit terms.
  • Call up email – For Suppliers – Email address for call ups other that the actual order email address. Allows you to enter a different email address for the actual call up.
  • Standard pay – The additional option to determine how a standard pay item is to be applied. Hourly – the additional standard pay item will be based on the hours worked  and entered will be per hour.
    Daily – the amount will be calculated for the number of days worked.
    Constant – the amount is not calculated, it is a constant value per pay for the employee.
  • Maintenance Due Date – added to the company setup window to set the number of days from finish a job is
  • Reschedule Notification – improved features for auto email and track schedule changes.
  • PDF Reader – has been updated to deal with more versions of pdf when opened from CAD Image.
  • Payroll – changeable payment and invoice date – add payment date to STP file. The actual payment is processed directly from the payroll prepare window. Now the process save pay button completes the process so there is no need to then go to creditor payments for finalisation of pay. This means that the pay must be completed during the preparation. This is a security measure being imposed to further comply with STP.
  • Centralised Smtp server
  • Centralised library note. Library notes now also include quotation notes and default order notes. In addition there are also templates for emails to better provide your own personalised information when sending emails directly from either Beams or Beams Companion.
  • Main Menu – tracks and displays the number of logins into the database.

BEAMS Companion – Mobile Device

  • Daily Activities – details of all email activity for the day or any selected day with failed emailed displayed in red.
  • Reschedule Notification – allows the mobile device to auto email all involved of any schedule change of call forward items.
  • Notes – a shortcut has been provided to all the notes for a selected job with the ability to add or edit directly.
  • Invoice Approval – depending on permissions, companion now displays all the outstanding or disputed invoices that can be approved or held.
  • Subcontractor access to provide details of purchase orders, scheduling and documents.
  • Completed contracts now are listed for a preset time and identified with an icon.
  • Emails – all emails are now sent directly from the mobile device through the database server and not the device email program.  Daily activities lists the emails

New in Version 4.1 (1st July 2019)

Summary of details included in update.

Beams CRM

  • New Lead auto responder – provides the option to respond to enquiries via a preset email response from  a selection of your email templates.
  • Auto Lead Assign –  you are able to allocate the new lead to a salesperson for follow up.
  • Outlook Calender – is now linked and allows you to monitor both the outlook calender and Beams CRM calender.
  • Fonts – a larger selection of fonts are now available to select from for use when creating templates or sending emails.
  • Outbox monitoring – is now catered for so emails sent via outlook will be monitored and included in the CRM.
  • Folder Assignment – the documents stored are now synced with Beams to include the folders as created from within the Beams desktop.


  • Invoice Scan – is available when entering a pdf or any invoice image to the creditor invoice window.  The scan will retrieve invoice details from the image directly into Beams for click to save.  This feature will improve moving forward as more invoice and font options are included.  It is important still to check the details of the retrieved data to ensure it is correct before saving.
  • Client Quote – now provides more output options to better customise the quote to your client.  This includes font selection and rounding and allows you to save your preferences for retrieval next quote.
  • Bookmarks – are provided for using Beams RTF word processor.  This allows you to select from a preset selection of bookmarks which are then used when creating documents and Beams will fill the bookmark entry with the actual name.  An example is if the bookmark for “Supplier Contact” is used in a library note, when that note is applied to a specific supplier, Beams will select the actual supplier contact name.
  • Quotation Register – for better management of quotation requests from your suppliers.  This new option also allows you to directly enter allowances and also include supplier quotes directly into the job.  You can mass email all your quotation requests from a preset supplier list directly from Beams and monitor the responses.
  • Copy – Compare – the existing copy function has been increased to not only allow copy from estimates but also from contract or variations.  You can also now copy just a single line entry or an entire category, Unit or job.  The function also allows you to simply compare your job with any other job in the database.
  • Report Editor – now allows you to save different options of prepared reports for retrieval.
  • Subcontractor Mobile – allows you to select which suppliers are grated access to Beams Companion.
  • Outside Folder Integration – allows Beams to include the folder which was previously set for documents for each job to be included in Beams Document Storage.  This is available to Mobile and throughout the system.  You can also copy or files in and out of these locations.
  • Payroll Payslips – have been redesigned to included details of jobs and hours that have been allocated during the preparation of payroll.
  • Payroll Final Pay – when checked will also include any employee that has since left your employ.  Employees that have received a pay during the selected financial year will also be included in STP export file.
  • Variation Status – a new “Rejected” status has been added to better manage variations being reported to your customer.  When reporting, you can select only variations “Pending” and exclude already rejected.
  • Mass Order Wizard – allows you to create all the orders for a job with one click and assign all of the orders to call forward items.
  • Order Preview – is included in the prepare order window to display how the order will be displayed.
  • Switchboard – has been redesigned to allow you to better navigate and have access to more reports.
  • Font & Rounding – for each division for use in quotes variations.
  • Reverse Debit – when a negative credit or negative debit is applied, the cashbook and financial reports will show the transaction as intended.  An example could be that a supplier pays you some money as a refund so you enter the creditor invoice as a negative and end up pay a negative amount.  A negative payment will show as income and a negative receipt will show as payment.
  • Dongle Support – will be excluded from this release onwards.  The use of USB dongles with different Windows versions has been difficult to maintain so it will no longer be supported.  Serial numbers will be provided in exchange for their USB dongles to any user not already notified of the change.

New in version 4.0 (30th January 2019)

  • Email and Password encryption : Because of STP (Single Touch Payroll) and the required certification from the ATO, we have added additional security for login and usage.
  • Specifications and addenda details : Major changes to the addenda creation and editing.
  • Percentage Claims: We have added a column to show the actual value of invoices for a category group, that have been paid.
  • Resources: Gantt view for job calendar and plan type : The re-introduction  of the Gantt Chart is also available to setup your plan types and also allows you to create a plan type from a job after editing to suit.
  • Plan Types : The option to show as a Gantt chart has been introduced to aid in the creation and modification of Plan Types
  • Cashflow & Work in Progress – Call Forward items now have a selection to show the how much of the task is completed.
  • Multiple action types for claim type and call forward.  The introduction of a call forward type to better explain the required task.
  • Calendar view for contact notes : Now you are able to display all your messages in a calender view that includes a drag and drop option.
  • Progress Schedule form is now redundant and no longer available.
  • Email monitoring : relink the original contact for emails received and show the trace on returned request emails, also colour coded in salmon to indicate responses.
  • New default SQL database : An updated default database is available which includes some images and specification details.
  • Supplier – Category : added the function to have more than one category for each selected supplier which is also available for quotes.
  • Report Item Selector : Some reports have now been provided with a selection panel on the left of report to search for specific records.
  • Document Storage : Has the ability to select specific documents based on category or supplier.
  • Message Centre : has now the added feature to see all the trace email communication.
  • Updated the time sheet clock in and clock function with the added GPS location on clock in and off.
  • Added the option to add call forward items and set as schedule or defect.
  • Added the ability to enter how much of a task has been completed.
  • Improved display of stored documents and default system folder.
  • Integration of external documents (drop box etc)
  • Preparation for sub-contractor access to documents, plans and orders.
  • View Tasks in Lead window.
  • Licence Check with 14-day grace period.
  • Model Selector Page.  This also is provided within Beams job details window where you can enter block details for your selected models.
  • Additional Log-in Security.
  • View Contract details & information from the Job Page, this is also available for the client portal.
  • Email Blacklist.
  • Edit/Delete Function for Notes.

Note, if you have an error updating mentioning “Mono.Security”, please click here to download a hotfix.

New in version 3.9.6877.18742 (30th October 2018)

  • Single Touch Payroll : Include the product id.
  • Notes : Add the time in date entered and action.
  • Beams mobile : Add max pool option in the service connection.

New in version 3.9.6843.21508 (26th September 2018)

  • Prescription : Enhanced the prompt selection.
  • Map: Add F3 shortcut into the address textbox.
  • Audit log : Add audit log from the setting panel.
  • Tax Reconciliation : show the issued amount.
  • Quote: Show/hide price for addenda item.

New in version 3.9.6803.20623 (18th August 2018)

  • Payroll : Add working holiday tax scale.
  • Asset Register : Add simplified tax option.
  • Beams mobile : Add supplier details in the job calendar .
  • Creditor Invoice : Allocate the document to the job automatically.
  • Prescription : Provide more flexibility when creating selection prescription.
  • Bank Statement Entry Report : Add the company details.

New in version 3.9.6752.16365 (29th June 2018)

  • Payroll : Single touch payroll implementation.
  • Payroll : Tax table update for 2018-2019.
  • CRM : Quotation and addenda selection feature.
  • Variation : Adding shortcut to add the percentage value and record the quoted value.
  • CAD Image : Add option to use estimate edit window in CAD
  • Calendar : Add option to set time for a call forward.
  • Creditor Invoice : Add budget checking and erosion during the creditor invoice.
  • Prescription : Provide more flexibility when creating selection prescription.
  • Custom Report : Add authorisation control to edit / revert the custom report.

New in version 3.8.6626.18630 (21st February 2018)

  • Document : Restrict overwriting process in Beams document.
  • CAD Image : Non-pdf image now able to rotate.
  • Make sure the globals email is updated from each tab.
  • Goes together with Beams mobile 1.19.5.
  • Back up all the associated databases, including CRM.

New in version 3.8.6626.18630 (21st February 2018)

  • Document : Restrict overwriting process in Beams document.
  • CAD Image : Non-pdf image now able to rotate.
  • Make sure the globals email is updated from each tab.
  • Goes together with Beams mobile 1.19.5.
  • Back up all the associated databases, including CRM.

New in version 3.8.6604.20501 (30th January 2018)

  • Email Monitoring from Beams : from the service control.  Emails will now be monitored from Beams and listed as messages with notification displayed on the menu bar.
  • Message status : add variation requested, costed, and finalised to keep track of the variation request.
  • Work in progress : add another option based on completed call forward items.
  • Variation confirm : split the charge rate during the confirmation to calculate the exact figure of the variation.
  • Database backup and restore : BLOB database will be restored with the Beams database, providing it is backed up manually from Beams 3.7 and above.
  • Receipt report : include the debtor invoice prefix.
  • Message Centre : added a subject line to align with the new email monitoring system and updated the functionality.
  • Beams mobile :
    • Restructured to fit the newest IOS.
    • Can upload photo into any sub folders and all blob folders are available.
    • Added the ability to set photos taken to be allowed for viewing in the CRM customer portal.
  • Blob database :
    • Can be attached to orders and variations.
    • Add indicator to show any messages, jobs, invoices, clients and suppliers which have any attachments.  This is in the form the paper clip image displayed only when an attachment exists.
    • Customisable folder structure, which is also accessible from Beams mobile.
    • Set file privacy to be hidden or visible from the CRM client portal.  This is also available from Beams Mobile.
    • Can be sent through outlook and now be included in Outlook sent items to better track.
  • Cad Image :
    • Fix the crashing issue when entering crossbeams in metre (instead of millimeter)
    • Fix the locked magnifier in items, move, and text mode.
  • Material List : do not show default supplier if there is no supplier assigned for the specific zone.
  • Quotation : when adding new line items for situations where the job is not loaded, we have provided the option to add a markup to the products selected from the price file.
  • Reminders : when a reminder is set from a custom field, you will now be prompted to view the reminder.  This will allow you to set a user for the reminder if required.
  • Payroll :
    • add the report for the unpaid super.
    • avoid the deletion of the payroll lines, if it has been used to create superannuation lines.

New in version 3.7.6449.24410 (28th August 2017)

  • Document Storage – you can now store all your documents within Beams.
  • Message Centre : Provides the ability to drag in emails with attachments or any document.
  • Call forward for multiple units : When a new contract is created, if more than one unit are within the selected job, you will be prompted to create call forwards for each unit.
  • Financial Reports : Added the ability to drill down from the cashbook report and also provided a tree list from the Trial Balance to also drill down to the transaction line.
  • Cashflow Reports : you are able to filter out expenses, cost of sales etc.
  • New filter options for grids.  You can begin typing in the search field or you can select a combination of records to filter.
  • Trial balance report : When selecting Summary,the debit / credit are simply grouped.
  • EDI : you can now import and export invoices – import directly into the creditor invoicing and export your debtor invoices directly to your customers (this is for contractors).
  • Library Notes : simplify the process of creating new and editing library notes.
  • Inventory : When creating inventory orders, you can choose a suppliers price according to the price zone.
  • SMTP Authentication : Beams now provides authenticated emails as some mail providers were rejected mass emails due to them being un-authenticated.
  • Percentage claim : We have add debtor invoice prefix and also now display the default debtor note on percentage claims.
  • Disable Beams messenger and bonjour.
  • Provided for the option to delete Inventory purchase orders providing all lines are first deleted and the order has not been completed.
  • Changes to the supplier scheduling to show assigned suppliers to non-ordered call forward items both in the desktop Resources window and on the Beams Mobile device.
  • Custom Field : Tightened the security of custom fields by setting a restriction: 1. not to delete used field.  2. not to change the type of used field.
  • The import wizard from Import Export allows you to store the template for a file being imported to speed up the import process.
  • The Cashbook statement entry window now provides the last statement number for reference.
  • Specification now allows you to also update the addenda description for each record line.
  • Send email as pdf adds the signature by default
  • Cad Image :
    • Adds toolbar options which allow you to open stored documents for the job.
    • Align Function now behaves better providing an easy solution to scanned documents that are not quite at zero and ninety degrees.

New in version 3.6.6219.27028 (11th January 2017)

  • Beams windows will now resize more effectively to allow for more data being displayed on screen if maximised. This unfortunately has the negative effect if you attempt to reduce the window size less than 1020.
  • DPI settings have been updated to allow for user defined display settings of greater than 100%.
  • Import Export Options for Suppliers, Clients, Estimates, Materials & Specifications has been added and updated to provided the ability to import a csv file. This makes it now possible to import a suppliers list or clients list.
  • Updated the Specification form both Addenda and Specification setup, to include and be displayed in a tree view to better display and filter data.
  • The process to add or edit the specification settings has been also modified to include the category-purpose window for additions.
  • Validation of PPa orders including validation of Beams Mobile orders. Form provided both from creditor invoices and the contracts module to validate the details of an inventory raised order and convert it to a valid budget order.
  • Work In Progress report now provides the option to include jobs marked as PPa. This value of work can have a significant impact on the value of work in progress so providing the jobs (estimates) are marked as PPa with a required date, they can be included in the report.
  • Payroll has an added Casual selection for employees which will require you to manually enter the number of worked hours if the time sheets are not used.
  • Check box to select or de-select the required employees for each pay in lieu of the previous double click method.
  • Bank Reconcile window will display records requiring a COAID to be displayed in red if one is not being provided.
  • Prescription now provides a combo pull down selection for the included material. This allows you to select a different material product without the need to first determine the ID for the new material. Also if a material is not actually assigned to the related purpose, it will now be displayed in red.
  • Resources window now displays the duration of a scheduled task. This simply because a scheduled task may be listed as to start on a specific date but could run over into following days.
  • Beams Validation has been modified to allow users with no internet a maximum of 30 days to have a connection for license validation.
  • Creditor and Debtor report options has the added option of payment/receipt date.
  • Variation report has the inclusion of business days and calender days. Changes to the construction act which includes the determination of days as being actual business days. The report now includes as required but users are able to edit the variation report to delete or edit the text of the description using the built in report editor.
  • Variations in contracts will now automatically delete and resulting zero measures after confirming or un-confirming a variation. This process did take place previously but not until the job was unloaded. This means as an example, if the job includes a bath but you create and then confirm a variation to delete the bath, previously the record would remain but with a zero measure. On unload, all zero measures were cleaned up. This process now takes place when the variation is dealt with.
  • Cad Image :
    • Provided a preview of displayed image when opening a new file.
    • Provided the ability to position the title block on the page as required when outputting the drawing file.
    • The roof pitch, wastage and rounding of a selected node can be overwritten and stored with the entity after the original selection has been made.
    • Prevented a roof panel being re-created as this could have resulted in duplicate records.
  • Beams Mobile :
    • Provided the functionality to create purchase orders directly from the mobile device. These orders will be treated as inventory orders within Beams and require validation. Permissions are required to allow and for maximum value.
    • Allows for sub-folders within the main job folder. Provided the main folder is entered for each job, then if within that folder, sub-folders are included, Beams mobile will drill down into each folder.
    • Some bugs due to iOS 10 to do with taking and saving of photos, creating the first variation and entering new diary notes from the mobile have been attended to.
  • Beams CRM:
    • Added with a Pre-sales task template to provide for required tasks leading up to the client approval process. This now has 2 task template options for pre and post approval.
    • Added with a powerful filtering option that enables the user to determine specifically what data is required.
    • Added with customised grouping options for reporting in conjunction with the added filter options to even better provide the report.
    • Sending emails now includes a cc & bcc field for adding recipients to emails.
    • When sending emails, you are now able to include attachments.
    • Email functionality to now include IMAP.

New in version 3.5.6108.14346 (21st September 2016)

  • Payroll : New tax table effective from 1st October 2016 has been updated.
  • Plan Type : Add multi selection and locate the category.
  • Unload : Close all the forms which requires loading during unload.
  • Message box has been redesigned.
  • Administration : Estimate / Budget / Order / Variation no longer showing from client tab. It needs to be accessed from job tab.
  • Creditor Enquiry : Add warning about unprocessed direct payment.
  • Remove “new client entered” due to excessive creation of the notes after editing a client flag.
  • Estimate Variation Confirm : Stop unconfirming the variation if it is attached to progress claim (even it has not been issued).

New in version 3.5.6087.21357 (31st August 2016)

  • Payroll : TFN validation process has been added.
  • All table is now able to export to excel.
  • Non administrator user is now able to do an update.
  • Administrator : Speed up the processing and fix bug in the supplier section.

New in version 3.5.6058.30135 (3rd August 2016)

  • Creditor Invoices : Added the ability to enter a zero value invoice during quick pay and reconcille it for creating capital acquisitions.
  • Creditor Invoices : Added working hours option for the labour supplier.

New in version 3.5.6039.23704 (14th July 2016)

  • Contract :
    • Users will be able to create multiple orders of the same material within the same location. (Previously they would have to use different locations to “workaround” this situation).
    • Wizard function for creation of new estimates or new contracts. Creating a new job is simpler for the newer user.
    • Items for orders can now be created and added directly into the job and order window. Previously this was a two step process of add to job then load to order.
    • Order window has been updated to simplify functionality to be in keeping with the add to option when creating new orders or multi add orders.
    • Convert to contract now displays and advises when the job markup differs from the markup entered when estimating the job. The overwrite contract value still exists.
  • Cad Image :
    • CadImage now allows the user to measure width and height for Windows from the elevation and still generate prescription items from the linear portion (or any other selection with lineal measurement).
    • Cad image now allows users to now be able to use the auto calculate function to rebuild the take off details from each new measurement. This ensures all the required details are always included.
    • Add the magnifier tool to enhance CadImage’s precision.
    • Cadimage selected entity now shows in the same colour but extra bold. This was a request to allow users to select and use the same colour that was previously being used to identify the selected entity. This may not be accepted by all users but is believed to be a better option.
  • Cashflow monthly report has been added to show account totals to be used in conjunction with the existing monthly movement report.
  • Credit and Debtors can recreate aged reports at any entered date in time. This means that they are able to recreate statements for past periods.
  • Introducing the category division option that allows the user to select material categories specifically for each division. This allows for different category selections for each division.
  • Pop up windows have been modernised to display more detail to screen with a consistent them and process.
  • Report editor allows more flexibility in creating default reports for either individual or all divisions.
  • Added security functionality for payroll and superannuation setup and processing.
  • Prescriptions can be built directly from the purpose window with a simple right click process. This functionality only exists when both the prescription and purpose windows are open.
  • Purpose window has been updated to a pop up window for use from prescription.
  • Variation window has been updated to simplify functionality. The add to existing variation option is better identified for easy selection.
  • Editing creditor payments and reconciliation options simplified by the replacement of a simple form to replace both previous.

New in version 3.4.5996.27408 (1st June 2016)

  • Audit : add the audit option for beams mobile data.
  • Administration : add an option to re-assign a specific job to new client.
  • CADImage : the block title can be shown in landscape.
  • Order : fix the gst issue during email the non printed order.

New in version 3.4.5987.29486 (23rd May 2016)

  • Debtor Invoice and Progress Claim : add the due date based on client’s term.
  • Cad Image : the line printing is now more reliable.
  • Variation : optimise the process of confirming a variation.
  • Notes : optimise the process of loading the form.
  • Aged Creditors Option : add option to open 2 types of report from both places.
  • Email Order : enforce the precise order selection.
  • Contact notes : warn the creation of blank notes.

New in version 3.4.5975.21809 (11th May 2016)

  • Job update option : Add option to copy to default group.
  • Payroll : Now includes long service leave calculation in the termination pay.
  • CADImage :
    • Add option to auto add and subtract.
    • Display the contract cost type in contract section.
    • Remind the user who forget to input the height when is required.
  • Variation Edit: Add option to edit material rate.
  • Modern Estimate: Add option to search the entire the category, whether it is in job or not.

New in version 3.4.5945.16733 (11th April 2016)

  • Contract update option : Add option to delete the specific unit.
  • Estimate update option : Add option to copy the specific category.
  • Details compare : Add location combo box and multi selection.
  • Supervisor : Add supervisor listing to make finding a supervisor easier.
  • CADImage : Recalculate the selected measurement during the move mode.

New in version 3.4.5938.20577 (4th April 2016)

  • Profit & Loss Report: Add the overhead percentage.
  • CADImage : Fixed the roof panel zoom and printing issue and add more options for the text visibility.
  • Estimate quantity : Add option to delete the specific unit quantity.
  • Modern Estimate Quantity :
    • Provide the category to be displayed in Red if the category has been set as a “Hide Item” so it is easier identified.
    • Stop assigning “0” to the empty description.
    • Calculate the measure by rounding it per line to get the same result with the build function.
  • Classic Estimate Quantity : Re-enable the prescription selection in wizard off.
  • Variation : Fix the duplicate listing in hiding related prescription.
  • Modern Variation : Fix the editing of unit variation.
  • Claim Type : Prevent the user to enter blank claim type percent.
  • CRM sync : Fix issue with notes not syncing with the CRM.
  • Inventory Order : Add part no in the similar way with normal ordering.
  • Beams Mobile : Fix an issue with saving an order if no note was entered.
  • Time sheet : Added the invoice ID to the processed invoice list to separate timesheet pays.
  • Direct Payment : Email remit is now sent as pdf.
  • Client Replace : Add the client details replace function to also move all invoice details to new client.
  • Creditor Invoice : Added a Yes No message box to provide the user with a choice after entering an order number to different supplier.

New in version 3.4.5906.16506 (3rd March 2016)

  • Major optimisation for the CRM synchronisation process.
  • Profit & Loss Report: Fixed the leap year issue.
  • Debtor Invoice BPay: Fixed the blank invoice number.

New in version 3.4.5904.29781 (1st March 2016)

  • Variation Copy: Enable the user to create the next variation without closing the copy wizard.
  • Estimate Tracking: Fixed the re-scheduling issue.
  • Invoice Analysis: Fixed the auto budget issue.

New in version 3.4.5893.22754 (19th February 2016)

  • CADImage changes:
    • Add 90 degree rotate function.
    • Fix mirroring issue during pdf lines export.
    • Fix alignment issue in different zoom.
    • Re-introduce cad hide feature.
    • Contract Scheduling: enable each job to have its own working days setting (Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat, Mon-Sun)
    • Debtor statement: add the bulk email feature.
    • Added extra security during the loading/unloading of jobs.
  • Modern view, Estimation & Contract:
    • Fix negative value issue in the calculation table.
    • Clicking the edit pencil button now behaves as add new if the combo box is empty.
  • Summary Analysis:
    • Ability to view each Cost Centre in much more detail.
    • The report can be filtered based on the table filter.
  • Export pdf: now able to export any tables in landscape mode.
  • Quotation: add an option to sort based on cost centre no.
  • Job update option: add option to clear all the values in the job, which is useful for template preparation.
  • Morgage calculator: now appears in front and scrollable.
  • Variation all: add “not invoiced” filter.
  • User list permission: the user can now add new supervisor and employee without leaving the screen.
  • Tax Reconciliation: add confirmation message when the user about to close the tax rec without saving.
  • Cash book: fix the error during deletion, if the receipt/payment has been deleted
  • Print Option: filter the supplier based on the category

New in version 3.4.5875.15637 (1st February 2016)

  • Bank reconciliation import : add the compatibility with the .qif file.
  • Licensing : add the ability to remove license info when you get HWID mismatch.
  • Chart of account modify : make the closing balance non modifiable.
  • Cad Image : refresh the Cad Image combo box after adding the record.
  • Payroll : the display selected method will now be based on the invoice date, rather than the payroll start date.
  • Estimate quantity modern : fix the display error which is caused by blank cost / retail.
  • Payroll leave balance report : add option to exclude the archived employee.
  • Modern prescription : fix the issue in wizard off and the calculation table is blank.
  • Fix the screen resolution issue.

New in version 3.3.5833 (21st December 2015)

  • Modern estimating : add locking function to lock the location and display calculated measure in build mode
  • Modern contract : assign the cost centre number automatically during order split.
  • Creditor invoice : pop up the notification when user is trying to enter invoice against cancelled order.

New in version 3.4.5816.24418 (4th December 2015)

  • Modern view :
    • It can be set from user list permission and login screen.
    • Job wizard will now be used during the job creation.
    • Estimate and contract add or edit can be viewed in different monitor.
    • Multiple tabs are enabled to switch easily between forms.
    • Show prescription is no longer available in estimate add or edit.
    • The markup per item will now visible in estimate add or edit.
    • Background colour changed to distinguish between estimate, contract, account, and setting.
    • Font has been replaced throughout Beams in forms and reports.
  • Bank Reconciliation :
    • Add option to import bank statement (.ofx and .qif)
    • The retention amount is now available in the percentage claim.
  • The variation list is no longer deleted upon confirming the variation, which then enables the user to undo the variation on deleting a confirmed variation.
  • Administrator role is required to set the default job template.
  • Payroll Processing : Termination annual leave can be done in much simpler way, including
  • the marginal rate and fixed rate 31.5%.
  • Custom Field : The report will now available to display any custom fields.
  • Call forward : add another option to rebuild everything, including the finished items.
  • Rename the margin definition to markup.
  • User list permission : the user will now be able to hide the reschedule email notification.
  • Reschedule email notification : add notified button to mark the order changes to be notified without sending the actual email.
  • Creditor and Debtor enquiry : Now shows the supplier and client name in the grid.
  • Purpose report will now also show the specification and trade note.
  • A replace function has been provided for materials and locations (only available for administrator)
  • Location edit form now allows for add, update, delete and replace for all location groups.
  • Added the show tax option for purchase orders to the supplier print options which used to be set as default to true.
  • Material import : improve the import process into different price file and supplier.
  • Added the addenda text to estimate and contract variations.
  • Disabled the estimate variation wizard when the company is using build on material, instead of build on purpose.
  • No longer rounding the cents to full dollars during the issue of progress claims.
  • Added an estimate erosion field to the job analysis summary to show the difference between the original estimate and budget.
  • Technical update :
    • Update use Beams in 64 bit if available with for improved performance and reliability.
    • Service control : The SSL certificate can now be selected from the drop down.
    • Added a command line option for database back up.

New in version 3.3.5798 (16th November 2015)

  • Bank reconciliation is now only accessible by the user with financial permission.
  • Fixed a rare issue with negative value in the wizard.

New in version 3.3.5787 (5th November 2015)

  • CADImage PDF Export now handles orientation changes better.
  • Fixed a bug where users could be sitting at the Connecting to Database screen forever.
  • Fixed a rare instance of combo boxes not showing up when using Remote Desktop.
  • Added an error message when the connection to the Beams License server is blocked.
  • Fixed a bug which would result in duplicate items showing in Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed a rare issue where the GST would not recalculate when changing the contract value.

New in version 3.3.5779 (28th October 2015)

  • All price files will now be shown for materials in the contract edit section. If it is assigned to an archived supplier, it will be shown in red.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to clear the creditor payments note section.
  • Fixed balances showing in the Cashbook report when an account is linked to a different account last year.
  • Add option to hide item in variation details report.
  • Percent claim preview will now include the note and reference.
  • Superstream payment file will now include all superannuation payments, including the one which is used as the clearing house.

New in version 3.3.5767 (16th October 2015)

  • Various fixes in CADImage including a rare issue that would cause rafters to display against the wrong purpose.
  • We reworked the CSV parser so it will be more reliable in all instances.
  • Fixed the “More” button in the Administration window when looking at suppliers.

New in version 3.3.5752 (1st October 2015)

  • Display fix for Windows 10 user.
  • Report Editor fix for the custom logo.
  • Exclude the gst line from the debtor invoice report.
  • Fix the rare crash which may happen during the email sending.
  • Beams Help is now open on top of the forms.
  • Closing the message box will give “no” as the answer.

New in version 3.3.5744 (23rd September 2015)

  • Creditor Invoice Split : Enable to mark the split line as disputed.
  • Invoice Analysis and Trial balance Report : Enable to grid filter to work in the report.
  • Quote : Include all the material which has “Prime Cost” in their description.
  • Progress Claim Statement Report : Include the general journal entry.
  • Payroll : Bug fix for the payroll adjustment when is being allocated to a specific job and when the employee does not have any superannuation.
  • Minor bug fixes for CADImage.
  • Estimate Variation Confirm : Enable to reprice the variation when the gst amount is 0.
  • Variation Confirm : Revert the record type to ‘E’ or ‘C’ when all the pending variation is being deleted for that record.

New in version 3.3.5709 (19th August 2015)

  • New features for CADImage:
    • Various updates.
  • Payroll : Add the pay week days for each employee. It can be set from the employee payroll window.
  • Creditor, Debtor enquiry: The invoice list is now grouped based on the header, instead of listing all the lines.
  • Bank Reconciliation : tighten the security to make sure that the statement number is always entered.
  • Quote Request : add the description into the automated table.
  • Calculator : fix the minor bug about the description field in the second iteration.
  • Export custom report : fix the bug when the custom report is being sent straight to the printer.

New in version 3.3.5701 (11th August 2015)

  • New features for CADImage:
    • Various updates.
  • New features for Estimating process:
    • Add default template choice to set the specific plan to be the default template for the specific plan type.
    • The empty plan will be automatically pre-loaded with the default template.
  • New features for Creditor, Debtor, and Order report:
    • Add material category as the grouping option.
    • Enable to hide the unwanted grouping.
  • Orders : disable the message if no call forward is selected.
  • Trial balance report : now correspond to the form filtering.
  • Electronic TPAR : show appropriate error message when the company address is written in incorrect format.
  • Debtor Invoice : incorporate the division price zone and margin when no job is selected.
  • Company : allow user to deselect the default division, as long as it is not the last one.
  • About : add the End User License Agreement for review.

New in version 3.3.5690 (31st July 2015)

  • New features for CADImage:
    • Add line thickness for a purpose.
    • Add the ability to resize text objects and added constrain for 2 point lines.
  • New features for Payroll Processing:
    • Add superannuation exempt.
    • Enable to edit the chart of account.
  • Creditor Invoice : notify the user when the order has not been printed.
  • Material : do not let the user empty the material cost.
  • Prescription : add round in 600 increments.
  • Debtor payments : fix the bug during receiving the disputed debtor invoice lines.
  • Contract Details Report : add the option to filter finished contract.
  • Financial Report : add the balance sheet movement month to month report.
  • Material Import : Automatically de-select the duplicate item.
  • Material : Fixed issue with Material Image appearing wrong on high DPI screens.
  • Quote Request : Include the part number in quote request for Contacts and Message Centre.

New in version 3.3.5674 (15th July 2015)

  • Material : add the search button to allocate material to specific purpose.
  • Update the multi select indicator to be consistent.
  • Fix bug in the profit and loss report when the date is outside the financial year range.
  • Contact and message centre : store the client and supplier email during the print letter.

New in version 3.3.5668 (9th July 2015)

  • Beams Mobile Server: Hotfix for “Login Incorrect” error when the login is correct.

New in version 3.3.5666 (7th July 2015)

  • CADImage : pdf export now exports at the correct orientation.
  • Main menu : sort the division alphabetically.
  • Optimisation in creditor invoices.

New in version 3.3.5665 (6th July 2015)

  • New features for CADImage:
    • Added export wizard
  • Beams Mobile: Fix bug when the order id is not showing for edited call forward description.
  • Accounts: Remove the limitation of 98 invoice lines.
  • Chart of Account : Do not allow to delete an account which has been allocated in payroll.

New in version 3.3.5660 (1st July 2015)

  • Fix the rare issue that payment summary itemised can be wrong.
  • Enable to import and export material short description

New in version 3.3.5658 (29th June 2015)

  • Updated Tax Tables for 2015-2016 financial year (Only HELP/SFSS has changed).
  • New features for CADImage:
    • Changes to explode function make it more reliable
    • Added the roof fit option.
    • Added the short description for material.
  • Beams Mobile: Added support for usernames with spaces when enabling server.
  • Call Forward : the finished progress claim which has been issued can no longer being edited.

New in version 3.3.5648 (19th June 2015)

  • Ability to multi select variation to print.
  • Small hotfixes for Beams Messenger in the terminal server environment.
  • Payroll adjustment for employee’s hours which are assigned in timesheet.

New in version 3.3.5647 (18th June 2015)

  • Supervisor Report can now be grouped by stage.
  • Small hotfixes for Beams Messenger to make it more reliable.
  • Add “can edit invoices” in user list permission to enable the user to edit contract invoice without giving them access to account section.
  • Increase the addenda field size.
  • Include the detached call forward, when the plan claim type for the call forward has been deleted.
  • Fix bug to always show updated information for the order summary report.
  • Fix array issue where some prescription lines do not get added.

New in version 3.3.5644 (15th June 2015)

  • Users can now be marked as Inactive. Inactive users can not log on and will not show up in Beams Messenger.
  • Small hotfixes for Beams Messenger to make it more reliable.
  • Fix for CADImage when exploding a roof and the text would not display.

New in version 3.3.5639 (11th June 2015)

  • The Schedule change window has been redesigned to make the process much easier.
    • Items can now be set as “On Hold”
    • The budget percentage can now be set for each job.
  • Job Tracking has been improved to make it easier to track the delays in a job
    • An original scheduled date is stored for each item. This date can be locked so only an admin can edit it.
  • New features for CADImage:
    • Explode Text: you can now separate the text from a line
    • Select Max Length: click to select the maximum size for calculations.
    • Move points: specific points can now be moved when using the Move tool without moving the whole item.
    • Purpose and Material can now be selected with dropdowns instead of needing to click the Next button over and over.
    • CADImage now features a new “Metadata” system for each of the items in the list. Double-click on any item to access data about it.
    • PDF Files now zoom without distorting the image. This allows you to zoom right in without any loss of quality.
    • A warning will now be displayed when the calculate button is pressed if the Purpose, Location and Material don’t match the selected items.
    • Text will now wrap if it can’t fit on the line.
  • Help Files will now always display correctly regardless of which version of Internet Explorer is on the system.
  • New BEAMS Messenger
    • An inter-office communication system for users of both the Beams application and Beams Mobile (1.15 update coming soon).
    • Click on the “Online” button in the menu bar to access it.
  • New Email system
    • Emails will now be sent in the background and you can continue working while they’re sending.
  • A pop-up alert will now appear if there are any reschedule emails to send.
  • Payroll records can now be assigned to all jobs, not only current jobs.
  • Pay Slips are now emailed as PDF attachments instead of inline.
  • Entering payroll leave entitlements is now much easier with the option of days per annum instead of just a percentage.
  • We’ve made the Issue Type more intuitive on the Delete or Reprint Orders screen.
  • The Email Log no longer displays pay slips if the user doesn’t have Financial Reports.
  • A blank Details Request Sheet can now be printed.
  • Fixed a permission issue where users could edit things they shouldn’t be allowed to.
  • Fixed issues several users encountered when their material names were longer than 50 characters.
  • Fixed an issue entering a new client from the new plan screen.
  • Fixed the longstanding issue of getting a “Concurrency Violation” error when attempting to edit records.

New in version 3.2.5581 (13th April 2015)

  • Added custom field in job, client, supplier.
  • New features for CADImage:
    • Areas now include an angle calculation.
    • Added Save button to custom fields window.
    • Added title block.
    • Lines are now able to be selected using the Select mode.
  • New features in contract management:
    • Enable the user to copy to another unit, similar to the estimate section.
  • Order : fixed bug in ordering error for duplicated E item.
  • Wizard : bug fix to include material_unit in the locked items calculation.
  • Material : show all supplier (active / inactive) to avoid confusion in archived preferred supplier.
  • Progress schedule : set the fore colour to be red for zero contract value.
  • Fix bug from the creditors proof, posting, and general ledger report that was not showing outstanding payg invoices if the tax amount was included on a BAS.
  • Fix bug for invoiced figure in financial analysis report to include categorised general journal.
  • Fix bug when the user is unable to delete the last contact record.

New in version 3.2.5578 (10th April 2015)

  • This is a hotfix for a rare crash that can occur on some computers when clicking on Main Menu.

New in version 3.2.5564 (27th March 2015)

  • New features for CADImage:
    • Added R hotkey for continued parallel lines: Create one parallel line, then hit R to repeat the line over and over.
    • Fixed text appearing in strange places when zoomed or on certain angles.
    • Snap has been adjusted to be considerably reliable now.
    • Fixed bug stopping users renaming tabs.
    • Angle, Waste and Rounding will now be stored with the selections so they get reloaded when clicked on.
  • New features in contract management:
    • Add the option to mark contract to be scheduled, which is only available for admin user.
    • C, E, N, P and V items will be locked for editing / adding when the contract has been scheduled.
  • Record type report is now called erosion report. Job and date options has been added to the report.
  • Aged Debtor and Creditor have the option to show itemised for each jobs.
  • Mark GST line to be outstanding in payment and receipt deletion.
  • Fixed bug stopping users add the note in schedule item change window.
  • Fixed bug allocating the newly created split line to be in different payment.

New in version 3.2.5553 (16th March 2015)

  • This version includes many new features for CADImage:
    • Moved many of the functions to a toolbar at the top of the screen to tidy everything up.
    • Added more information to tooltips on many of the functions.
    • Values calculated in CADImage will now always round upwards.
    • Clicking Calculate while in Roof Mode will now include any LinMts selections as well.
    • Added options for the placement of text on a line.
    • Changed the line styles so they look much better now.
    • Text will now be the same relative size when zoomed.
  • Material Descriptions now allow up to 100 characters.
  • Fixed an issue where call forward lists would show a duplicate item if there was a cancelled order.
  • Updated Payment Summaries for the new Payroll system.
  • Grids now no longer display rich text and can be used to filter as normal.
  • Plus many other bug fixes.

New in version 3.2.5543 (6th March 2015)

  • This is an emergency hotfix for the issues introduced with the previous version that affected people with high DPI monitors.

New in version 3.2.5542 (5th March 2015)

  • CADImage now has an icon for the selection type in the list, so it’s easier to identify why certain things are happening.
  • Fixed a bug causing roof calculations to fail in CADImage.
  • Added Rafter colour option for CADImage.
  • It’s now more clear when switching groups in CADImage as to which group is selected. This fixes inconsistencies with the “Clear Ticks” option.
  • Various other small bugs in CADImage.

New in version 3.2.5536 (27th February 2015)

  • This release contains synchronisation enhancements for BeamsCRM.

New in version 3.2.5520 (11th February 2015)

  • This is a hotfix release containing urgent bug fixes:
    • Fixed payroll emailing function which email everyone’s payslips to each employees.

New in version 3.2.5518 (9th February 2015)

  • This is a hotfix release containing urgent bug fixes:
    • Fixed creating a new contract if no external supervisor was selected.
    • Fixed ability to change material prices in wizard window if the user has no permission.
    • Fixed rare issue where locked items would change when the job is unloaded.
    • Creditor invoices screen now clears invoice ID when changing supplier.

New in version 3.2.5515 (6th February 2015)

  • Upgraded payroll system:
    • Accruing leave for Long Service Leave and Flex/RDO days (in addition to Annual and Personal Leave)
    • Tracking of leave accrued and taken
    • Extra Payroll and Leave reports
    • Add new income items as you require them
    • Add new deduction (both pre tax and post tax) items as you require them
    • Override any system calculated amount (tax, super guarantee, leave accrued etc)
    • Full set of 23 ATO tax tables incorporating HELP and SFSS
    • Specify extra tax or tax rebates to be applied for particular employees
    • Leave Loading
    • Extra Reportable and Non Reportable superannuation deductions
    • Standard pays remembered for employees
  • New CADImage features:
    • New hotkeys for various features:
      • C: toggles constrain
      • S: toggles snap
      • +: zoom in
      • -: zoom out
    • Mirror image
    • Export to PDF
    • Parallel lines
    • Superimpose other plans on top of each other
    • New snap feature, the cursor will now snap to corners on plans (this can be turned on or off)
  • BEAMS Mobile 1.14 compatible changes, including timesheets and adding variations
  • Backups now get compressed when they are saved, offering an average of 90% saving to the size compared to uncompressed
  • Provided a colour coded date in the progress claim window to indicate progress claims checked as completed and ready for issue. Unconfirmed variations are now displayed in red.
  • When changing the font and font size selection from the drawing tools now provides an option to store that selection as the default. This is applicable to RTF fields only.
  • Beams now stores the file location of a loaded job so when exporting or saving it will go to that location.
  • The client window includes a shortcut to the supervisor for entering external supervisors.
  • External supervisor now stores an email address that can be selected when emailing a debtor invoice from debtor invoices or progress claims
  • Added a wizard for the material import function to import formats other than BEAMS standard.
  • Added the ability to edit a material cost if material user permission is disabled, providing the material unit description is “Amount”
  • Work in Progress report now provides an option to display using either the brought forward amounts or the invoiced amounts
  • Many bug fixes and slight layout changes to windows

New in version 3.1.5456 (9th December 2014)

  • Fixed the clients report from the Administration window.
  • Various bug fixes.

New in version 3.1.5451 (5th December 2014)

  • Modifying a single item is now possible in CADImage with the wizard turned off.
  • Prescriptions can now be added on the fly in the middle of the Wizard.
  • New SuperStream feature:
    • Employees can now be paid superannuation through a SuperStream Clearing House.
    • Added new abilities to report on the specific super funds instead of the clearing house.
    • Added the ability to produce a file of superannuation payments for uploading to your Clearing House. Only one format is available and it is up to your Clearing House to provide mapping facilities between the BEAMS Clearing House file and the format your Clearing House wants.
    • If an employee super fund is changed, unprocessed payments can be paid to the new fund when payments are next processed.
  • Various windows now display much better on higher DPI screens.
  • Resources window now opens in Week View by default and allows you to select multiple status options to filter by.
  • Added an option to show the full details for creditors and debtors on the General Ledger report.
  • Added the Unreconcile Statement function on the Bank Reconcile screen to unreconcile a whole statement at a time (payments, receipts and general journals).
  • Added an End User License Agreement. Each user now needs to click Accept on this agreement to continue using BEAMS.
  • Updated BEAMS Mobile Server to support BEAMS Mobile 1.13 with the new Email Suppliers function.
  • Fonts used in the rich text editor are now saved for each user. Additional font options have been added to the Quotation Options window as well as many bugs fixed.
  • When exporting or saving any report, if a job is loaded, the default folder will now be the loaded job’s drawings folder.
  • Added a colour coded date in the Progress Claim window to indicate progress claims marked as completed and ready for issue.
  • Supervisor reports will now use filters if called from the Resources window plus added a supplier grouping for the calendar report.
  • Many bug fixes and slight layout changes to windows.

New in version 3.0.5409 (23rd October 2014)

  • Fixed prescription issues where the number of items was not being recalculated correctly.
  • Provided additional features in the wizard where each item behaves as parent and child if de-activating an item.
  • Reset the controls size in CAD Image when resizing the selection list.
  • Fixed bug where the company default quotation letter would sometimes not save.
  • Confirmed the addition of the customer name to quotation if a division default is selected.
  • Requeried the supplier list from the contract quantities window when a new supplier is created.
  • Provided added checks when adding to Notepad variations where the margin may differ from the original variation.
  • Added function to reverse a cancelled percentage claim. When a debtor invoice is deleted, the amount is reversed from the claim template.

New in version 3.0.5402 (16th October 2014)

  • Fixed display issues in Estimate Quantity and Show Invoices for users with high DPI monitors.
  • Added a what’s new button to the login screen.
  • Fixed issues with Bill of Quantities report when worksheet is being used.

New in version 3.0.5401 (15th October 2014)

  • Added help topics to various windows. Press F1 in any window to see help relevant to that specific window.
  • Added trial functionality for new users testing out BEAMS for the first time.

New in version 3.0.5399 (13th October 2014)

  • Updated application framework to 2014 version.
  • Added default debtor note to the footer of debtor statements.
  • Added subtraction capabilities to CADImage. This allows you to specify measurements as a negative item to make it easier to exclude areas.
  • Changed CADImage BC3 format to be more future friendly. Older BC3 files will still open, however they will be converted to the new format when saving.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Creditors Statement that could result in the wrong total amount being displayed.
  • Fixed various issues with Percentage Claim.

Fixed an issue where an incorrect job would be selected if BEAMS was closed without shutting down properly while a job was loaded.